Production of polypropylene bags

In Turkmenistan

Production of sandwich panels

In Turkmenistan


"Ýelken" company has been operating in the market of Turkmenistan since 2016, specializing in the production of polypropylene bags for flour, sugar, grain crops and valve bags for cement.

Production is designed to produce a large number of diverse products in a continuous mode. Production includes a full technological cycle, which allows us to produce products, both by standard parameters and by individual sizes or technical characteristics of the customer.

Products undergo laboratory tests, accompanied by a certificate of compliance and a sanitary report.The production uses domestic raw materials - polypropylene, known on the international market under the name "Turkmenplen." The production of PP bags is carried out on the equipment of leading European countries (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic).

IE "Yelken" also specializes in the production of sandwich panels for cold rooms and building construction. A sandwich panel is a multi-layer sheet, the dimensions and technical characteristics of which allow it to be used both in construction and in the industrial sector. The width of the sandwich panels is 1.14 cm, length up to 12 meters. Thickness 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm. Products are manufactured on Italian machines.



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